We understand it can be quite over whelming when it comes to deciding what flowers you want for your special day a few things i can suggest before we get into the details.


- Have a browse on pinterest & save a few photos you like in terms of the style for the bouquets & arrangements i suggest saving 3-4 photos so its not to over whelming. Do the same for colours, save a few photos in terms of what you like for colour theme.


- Keep an open mind when your browsing a lot of the photos on pinterest are edited & majority of the florals put online look very perfect, in reality this may not be the case, colours can look very different online then in real life. I suggest popping a mood board of some sort together for colours, doesn't have to be flower photos but anything that inspires you or you like the colours of . This will then help with what textures & flower products you want shown throughout your wedding.


- Have a browse of our Wedding gallery, this will determine wether you think we're a good fit for your Flowers, these photos show our style of floral arranging & we like to stick to our style throughout all our brides.Save any photos you may see of ours that you like, this will help us with quoting process. 


I am happy to assist you in this, i am able to design a mood board with all of the above to help you see a vision for your flowers. We do charge for this design & styling process with a non refundable fee of $100. You will receive a full detailed PDF of what we can offer & create for your special day.


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